What is osteopathy?


Art by NUNZIO PACI http://www.nunziopaci.it/

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that proposes a holistic approach of the health. We only use our hands to find out and fix the causes of the patient’s concern.

We are focused on the optimal mobility of all parts of the human body and free fluid circulation (blood and lymph).

An optimal mobility permits a whole-body care support system involving 2 important conditions:

  • First, a proper blood flow carrying oxygen, food supply, hormones and immunity all around the body.
  • Second, a free neuronal pathway making sure the information can move along the nervous system from the brain and spinal cord to the entire body and vice-versa.

If these two conditions are restricted, your body cannot work properly and causes different issues such as joint and muscular pains, digestive issues, sleep disorder, fatigue, headache etc.




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