Credentials and Education

Hopital Albert Schweitzer : Osteopathy in Hospitals


University of Montreal : Clinical Reasoning


University of Toronto: Health Professional Teaching Skills


Canadian College of Osteopathy: International Jury President


Teacher at Ontario Academy of Progressive Osteopathy


Teacher Assisstant at Barral Institute


Barral Institute continuing osteopathic education

  • Visceral Manipulations I: Abdomen
  • Visceral Manipulations II: Advanced abdomen
  • Visceral Manipulations III: Pelvis
  • Visceral Manipulations IV: Thorax
  • Visceral Manipulation V: Manual thermal diagnosis
  • Visceral Manipulation VI: Viscero-emotional relationship
  • Neural Manipulations I: Neuromeningeal manipulation
  • Neural Manipulations II: Peripheral nerves: Upper limb
  • Neural Manipulations III: Peripheral nerves: Lower limb
  • Neural Manipulation IV: Brain and Cranial Nerve
  • Neural Manipulati0n V: Central and Peripheral connexions



Osteopathic degree in the Institut de Formation en Ostéopathie du Grand Avignon

  • 5 years full time in osteopathic school
  • Osteopathic patient treatment in 16 sporting events, including Raid Passion Désert, in Morocco during 14 days
  • Validation of Osteopathic Analytic Practice (OAP)
    • Musculoskeletals techniques (structural, functional, muscular, strain/counterstain and body adjustment)
    • Visceral techniques
    • Cranial techniques (cranial rythmic impulse, cranial sinus)
    • Fascial techniques
  • Validation of clinical practice
  • Validation of dissertation with Honourable mention
  • Osteopathic School accredited by the International Osteopathic Association (IOA)


Aquatic Osteopathy  graduate    

  • Qualified to make an osteopathic diagnosis and to treat a patient in an aquatic environment


First Aid by French Red Cross



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